Kalin Belt. Tan, Brown, Black Leather Belt .

Leather belt. Full grain leather belt. Cowhide Leather Belt.Kalin Belt

This belt has snaps instead of rivets, so you can change the buckle, and make this belt interchangeable buckle.

An artisan belt cut directly from the skin, a one-piece belt, an eternal leather belt.


Handcrafted leather belt for men or women. Full grain belt.Kalin Belt

The pattern on this belt is not erased since it is directly burned on the skin.

It has a clasp closure so you can exchange the buckles whenever you want, adapting them to your taste and style.

WIDTH: 40MM / Thickness: 3-4mm / LENGTH: AT YOUR CHOICE

 -The Aged Buckle made of Steel Plated in old silver.


You can do it in two ways;

1.-you can measure your waist adding 5 cm you will have your perfect measurement, since when you put it on your pants the measurement will be higher;

2.-You can also measure your old belt from the area of ​​the skin fold with the buckle to the hole you use the most.

If you wear hip pants it is preferable that you measure them there since the size can vary greatly.

Later we will make the belt to the selected measurement adding a total of 5 holes with the central one being the selected measurement. If you need us to make more holes in your belt do not hesitate to contact us, and we will do it at no additional cost.

This 40mm wide belt with closure gives you the possibility of changing the buckle whenever you want, you can buy loose buckles and can be attached very easily just by opening the clasps and placing it, you will have a completely different style of belt, if you want you can See buckles in my articles.

The buckles used to make the belts are made of a petrel alloy, with a silver or bronze plating 15 microns thick, which ensures that it is an anti-allergic and very durable buckle.

The leather we use is real cow leather, from the best tanneries in the country and the USA.

The leather used has a thickness that goes from 3mm to 4mm, we do not use double layers or glue or imitation leather, nor imitations, ... this product is a single piece of leather which will provide comfort and a long life.

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